IT Outsourcing in Chile

All over Chile Techsolutions allows to outsource the IT support to the companies fitting their requirement levels


Since 2014 Techsolution delivers IT solutions all over Chile, such as IT outsourcing, structured cabling, Electrical projects, CCTV and others, offering high quality standards in all our different area services to our clients, covering any place in the country.

Mission & Vision

Techsolution is a company focused on deliver the best service to their clients, competitive, dynamic with broad future repercussions whose mission is to do easy and natural the IT management, offering integral and interdisciplinary services to our clients.

Wide experienced technicians

Our experience in many different companies gives let us deliver effective solutions for the different service areas that Techsolution offers trough the country, you will find a complete professional staff backup available for your company’s requirements.

Comprehensive services tailored to your business

Techsolution has a wide range of comprehensive services that lets to cover your company’s requirements in the IT area, from network projects, electrical and cabling, even apps and web developing, search engines’ optimization and billing solutions, we are Bsale partners.

Quality Guaranteed

Our wide experience, professional backup and national presence let us deliver high standard solutions, guaranteed and made to measure your company’s requirement in all our service areas.


We deliver IT service all over the country tailored at your company requirements, we offer personalized advisory according your requirements to deliver personalized solutions.

We deliver voice and structured data cabling projects in Chile, we follow the current protocols and standards to ensure the quality levels given to your Company by Techsolution.

Our awareness is to keep the most valuable for your Company, Techsolution has experience with CCTV systems installations all over Chile, we have a wide variety of CCTV systems to let you to improve your vigilance and safety requirements for company's tranquility.

Outsource the IT services of your company with Techsolution, we have national coverage, delivering the best service in any place of the country, letting you reduce costs and have the best team at your service with customized service for your company requirements.

We provide your company with the IT solutions you are looking for, Techsolution has a wide range of hardware to offer such as printers or computers (laptops, desktops, etc.) and also software Such as Operating Systems and Antivirus programs, with the best support at country level.

Techsolution performs electrical projects aligned with the best electrical quality standards, we perform force and control boards mounting and assembling, force and control engines boards mounting and assembling, single-phase and three-phase connections.

Techsolution has a professional team available to create new communication channels with new clients, in Chile we perform web developing according the most recently standards for experience and user interfaces available.

We deliver the visibility required for your web site through your web's site optimization, to improve your organic positioning in Chile.

Techsolution is the perfect complement to delegate technical tasks such as maintenance and hardware configuration, software, networking and others, we have a wide experience managing IT projects at many companies in the country.

We support your company in the IT implementations for your business, we are Bsale partners, we implement customized solutions for your business using Bsale's features, invoice and sales point software.

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