Computer code, software concept. Programmer working with a laptop, programming code on the screen, office background. Developing coding technologies.

Web development and design

We deliver web design and develop solutions following the actual standards, we perform a project design development for all customized web which responds to your company's needs, we perform the user experience elaboration process and user interphase design, to finally perform the customized and high quality web site development.

Portrait of young network engineer standing by server cabinet while working with supercomputer in data center and holding clipboard

Remote hands

We perform different technologies implementations all over the country, network maintenance, hardware and software between others, we do the necessary information collect to deliver quality solutions in all industries companies.

Programmer working in a software developing company office

IT Outsourcing

The outsource of the IT services is key to the companies, it lets to reduce costs on human resources in order to obtain integral solutions. Techsolution delivers external IT services all over Chile for support, software and hardware by customized plans.

Search engine home page with search bar on a browser window, a user is entering a query, collage and paper cut composition

Web Positioning

The high level of competence on the search engines for different key phrases and semantic results given by Google do to highlight search results must be a specialized labor, In Techsolution we do SEO and SEM positioning, we do an audit to your web site to detect improvements opportunities, we perform the necessaries adjustments to improve the web positioning and deliver advisement in order to improve the ranking position of your web site.

security camera


We collaborate to keep human and material resources trough customized CCTV projects, through a client's requirement analysis we deliver different alternatives for recording devices, remote transmission, and recorded material storage, we have presence all over Chile performing projects to clients on different industries.

It consultant insert gigabit ethernet network cat 5, 5e, 6 patch cable into switch in datacenter.

Structured Cabling

Techsolution performs all over Chile structured cabling upgrade trough patch panel connection, we install all data and electrical connections in the communication racks, for this, we perform a survey of customer requirements to deliver a customized solution for our customers.


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