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It is a system composed of a series of physical elements: cables, connectors conduits and hub devices, its purpose is to enable communication between different interconnected devices.

  • When is wanted to connect many devices (computers, printers, servers, tablets, etc.) through a LAN network and share resources between them.
  • When speed is required to access the Internet and other network resources, such as shared files, printers, etc.
  • When Internet Access speed is required and other network resources such as file sharing, printers, etc.
  • When reliability and stability for the connection to the Internet and other resources is required.
  • When the information safety is an important issue.

A computer maintenance consists in actions to maintain in perfect operation condition all the IT system, to both hardware and software. Therefore, involves physical repair of computers, servers and peripherals as the correct configuration of any kind of software associated to the hardware, and IT security.

Exists the mistaken belief that the maintenance contracts are indicated just for companies with a large volume of servers and computers. Reality is that when bigger is a company it counts with more resources, then they often have their own personnel. The market offers many hiring modalities affordable to any kind of company. The major advantage is the price lowering for the computers technical repair services and the chance to become a fixed budget line for the companies and not an unexpected expense. The current trend of the computing maintenance service companies is the prevention and complementation of their services to a total integrity, so the SMEs that hire them can save important amounts of money both on buying computing equipment and IT material, and new technologies implementation.

First of all, you need to be clear about your web site’s objective: How your company’s main presentation will be, which are the products and or services you want to show at your web site, which are the photos to be shown, etc. based on this information we offer a graphic proposal that fits in the best way at your company’s business line and to your budget.

We had opened at Techsolution a window for the SMEs with our payment plans. We deliver payment facilities up to 4 pays by plan, you choose the plan that best suits your needs, no both checks or credit cards are needed to took a payment plan, Techsolution trusts on hundreds of Chileans delivering these unique payment facilities to the Chilean SMEs.

Between 3 to 10 working days, since the contents delivery and depending on the web plan hired.

The client must deliver all the text that will be published on each one of his web site on .doc format (Word) or .txt. The client is responsible for the content, mistakes or omissions on it. Also the client delivers all the photos that will be inserted at his web site on CD or by Email.

A domain name is the electronic address of your web site at Internet, for example: or

Is a space on a server where your website is hosted in order to be shown to all the Internet users.

Some years ago, to reduce the cost of the IT process was the main objective: The scale economies were able to be obtained by systems centralizations.

Outsourcing let the companies to recover between a 20% to a 30% on the data processing cost, and let them to access to a flexible and reliable infrastructure. the decentralization of the information systems, and the administrative resulting complexity, has done the professional alliances even more attractive.

Nowadays, IT systems are strategic in most organizations and the competitive positions depends on their ability to meet the raising clients demand with an immediate response. The mid and long-term Outsourcing is the most appropriate way to deliver a service with a multiplicity of requirements on today’s Information Technologies. Advanced networking, e-commerce, customer service, integration of technology solutions and migration/evolution of the existing systems are some of the activities that are more hired under the Outsourcing modality.

The outsourcing is being applied over all the business process into an organization. Areas such accounting, human resources, payroll, help desk are candidates for “Business Service Management (BSM)” contracts.

Flexibility and service quality are the most frequent parameters to measure the Outsourcing performance, these criteria are measured and compared with the service level accorded at the contract with a clear and systematic monitoring and identifying the achieved benefits.

Each Project has their own features, but there are some factors that trends to facilitate the success. By example, is essential to create strong and rigorous project management structure, the experience in the area proofs than an appropriated solution to manage the relation with each one of the clients can be created, based on probed procedures developed over the years. To build a compromise sense to the personnel who is transferred to the client is another insurance success key.

The big offer on skills, responsibilities and opportunities terms helps to smooth the transition.

Absolutely. One of the greatest needs for the Outsourcing in the multinational companies is to count with strategic companies which have multinational coverage with a consistent quality of service. The outsourcing inevitably leads to the IT service globalization.

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